hopefully practice will make perfect                                                                                    
My Favorite Audrey Pictures
My Favorite Chester Pictures
(Updated 01/01/08)
Portraits (Updated 01/01/06)
Birthday Walkabout
Oct 2006
More Kyiv Sights
Oct 2006
First Sightseeing Trip
Sept 2006
First Impressions of Kiev
Sept 2006
Some Self Pics
Aug 2006
Megan and Cavin
Aug 2006
Gabriel P.
July 2006
July 2006
Second Maternity Shoot
June 2006
Ry's Photo Class 2006
Michael and Elizabeth
June 2006
Using my new Light Meter,
June 2006
Annabell W., June 2006
M. Boys, June 2006
2nd Shoot With My Lights
John and Becca, May 2006
Danielle and Julli Apr 06
My First Photo Shoot Apr 06
First Shoot With My Studio Lights
May 2006
Cherry Blossoms, March 06
Sightseeing et al
Mar 06
Arlington National Cemetery
Jan 06
Fall on the Mall
Thanksgiving and Christmas '05
Fall on the Mall Nov 05
In which I... Oct 05
New Camera, Sept 05
Garden of the Gods, Aug 2005
Boston, Oct 05
Manila, Philippines
United States Air Force
Academy, Aug 2005
Manila, Philippines
Northern California, Aug 2005
So these are some pictures that I've taken in my quest to be a better photographer.  I'm currently using a
Canon EOS 30D and for my studio, I'm using
Alien Bees lights.  I went ahead and organized the pictures
into galleries to make it all a bit more user friendly.  If you notice, the background is a different color on
these pages.  Hey, anything to try to be more artsy...
Maidan (Independence Square)
and environs Nov 2006
(Updated Daily!)
Mormon Missionaires, Dec 2006
Neither Here Nor There, Jan 2007
Dan, Sheri and Ellie, Dec 2006
Circus, Feb 2007
Young Women, Feb 2007
Spain, March 2007
Lavra, etc. May 2007
Election Observing, Sept 2007
Road Trip to Lviv, Oct 2007
Business in Crimea, Oct 2007
Day in the Life, Nov 24, 2007
Prague and Freiberg, Dec 2007
Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Mormon Missionaries, Dec 2007
Audrey Takes Her First Pics,
Jan 2008
Anniversary Photo Safari,
Jan 2008
Koch Family Reunion, Aug 2008
Matt W., April 2009
George and Clara, April 2009