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April 2, 2008
April 1, 2008                                                                                                                                                          
March 31, 2008
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President Bush came to Ukraine today.  Because I work with the press, I was lucky enough to attend the official arrival ceremony.  I
was able to get some shots of some bigwig Americans and Ukrainians alike.  From top to bottom, we have President Bush and
President Yushchenko reviewing the troops, the presidents walking down the red carpet, the first ladies walking down the stairs
(hence why they're looking down, unfortunately, I didn't get any of them looking up), Secretary of State Rice and White House Chief
of Staff Bolton, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuliya Tymoshenko running to her motorcade vehicle, the President's limo, and President
Bush waving to the crowd, which I threw in because the picture looks like President Bush is saying, "Wait for me!!!"
Canon EOS 30D
F 5.6 - 1/1000 seconds
ISO 1600
Exposure Compensation -2/3 step (I was using my 70-300, and  at that distance, I needed the
speed for a somewhat clear shot)